People Skills

15 Hours

21 Days Communication Transformation

Build effective communication skills and convey your ideas in front of an audience confidently, without a glitch.


1.5 Hours

Business Etiquettes

Learn about business etiquettes practiced in various professional scenarios that will help you build social connections and accelerate your career growth.

3 Hours

Unstoppable Self Confidence

Boost your self-confidence and start to believe in your capabilities to maximize your productivity in your career and in life.


1 Hour

Dining Etiquettes

 Learn about the different etiquettes to follow at a dining table and leave a lasting impression on your peers and colleagues.


5 Hours

The Growth Mindset Mastery

Develop a mindset that enables you to face challenges with a positive attitude and helps you learn and grow from your failures.

1.5 Hours

Neuroplasticity - How To Rewire Your Brain

Learn how you can reorganize your brain and develop mental flexibility in order to form new habits and improve your lifestyle.


2 Hours

Abundance Mindset - Law of Attraction

Draw abundance into your life by attracting positive energy and learn how to tap into the unlimited possibilities to achieve your life goals.


10 Hours

Laser Sharp Productivity

Join the course to learn about the different ways in which you can maximize your productivity and achieve your targets effortlessly.

1 Hour

The 5 AM Challenge

Learn about the benefits of starting your day at 5AM and how developing morning routines can amplify your productivity.


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